Yuan Clinic

John uses both acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to optimise the flow of Qi and promote healing and wellbeing. However, every person is different and therefore, John tailors both the […]

The Green Healer

Chinese Herbal Medicines are only prescribed following a face-to-face consultation. Your prescription is made up and ready for collection on your way out. Most people prefer to take herbs in powder […]

Kung Fu Wing Chun

Django started to learn Judo as a child in 1982 and King Fu and Tae Kwon-Do in the early 1990’s. Since 1997 he trained under Grand Master Wai-po Tang’s MAI syllabus. He competed in Thai-boxing, […]

Reflective Dawn Counselling

Beatrice is qualified Person Centred Counsellor and Child Counsellor.The Person Centred approach is based on the principle that people have an inherent capacity to move forward towards becoming fully functioning […]

Multibed Acupuncture Clinic

Our multi-bed community clinic forms part of our commitment to supporting health and wellbeing by providing affordable alternative healthcare, without compromising healthcare quality. The clinic is located at the rear […]

Constitutional Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture

“Facial rejuvenation’ is becoming a goal in its own right. Cosmetic acupuncture uses principles of ‘ constitutional facial enhancement’, which complements traditional ‘surface’ approach with classical Chinese body and microsystem […]